The perfect place to work with the like-minded creative people around. We provide everything to make your day productive.

VIP Room

We’re always brewing up exciting events at Spacebar and you’re completely welcome to join, and to make your own event here, too! Choose Spacebar for your events.

Meeting Room

Exclusive air-conditioned space designed for comfort and provided with complete services offered by Spacebar; perfect for days that need absolute focus on your work

Mini Functions

Achieve more with your team and maximize our meeting room for epic brainstormings and great team plannings. Great teamwork makes the dream work!


With Spacebar you can easily choose your pricing plan. We propose three basic plans: a hourly, a daily and a monthly one. If you are a team – we’re ready to negotiate the prices so don’t hesitate to ask.

Membership Form

Have some questions about our membership plans or ready to take a tour of our spaces? Drop us a note and we’ll be in touch shortly!


  • 172 Hibbard Avenue, Mango Tree Building, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental 6200
  • info@spacebarcowork.com
  • (035) 420 4353


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SPACEBAR is created to let you experience and ensure that you arrive to a space that’s fully-equipped and primed for productivity. Offered an inspiring, collaborative, ambitious environment with many smart and hard working members. A great place to be productive, to learn and to meet people.